Outline Settings on iPhone

Customize your Outline.

Open Settings Window

To open Settings window, tap i icon at the bottom of the main screen.


You can also get the sections of your notebook password protected. Tap Edit at the top of the mail screen > ⚙  icon near the section you want to encrypt > choose Set Password.

Set the interval for your section to be automatically locked or switch on Lock when leaving section.

    NOTE: Currently it is not possible to set a password on sections in notebooks stored in

    NOTE: There is no chance to open a password protected section if you forget the password. 
               Please make sure it won`t be lost, as it is impossible to restore your password.

Change Synchronization Settings

Log in your cloud accounts and change the sync options.

    • Automatic Synchronization
    Turn it on to keep your notebooks synced automatically. Turn it off to enable synchronization
    only when you tap sync button.

    • Sync on Wi-Fi only
    Turn it on to prevent your notebooks from syncing when you are connected with 3G / 4G.
    • Use Locks for WebDAV
    Turn off the file locking if your WebDAV server doesn't support this option.
    NOTE: Turning the locks off you endanger your files.

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