External Accessories on iPad

Adonit Jot Script

Connecting Outline with Adonit Jot Script is easy and fast:

    1. Go to your iPad Settings and turn on Bluetooth.

    2. Run Outline and go to Settings > External Accessories > JotScript > Enable
        JotScript Pen

    3. Turn the stylus on.

Go to any page of your notebook and start writing!


When Bluetooth is on, try and see: Pogo stylus is as simple to connect and use as Adonit Jot Script

Just turn it on and run Outline. Take the first two steps as described
above: Settings > External Accessories and select Pogo. The app will start scanning for the pen. Once it is done, press OK; you will see the stylus connection status in the right corner above. When connected, feel free to write your first sentence.

Apple Pencil and Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

All the Apple native accessories are supported by default.

Go to your iPad Settings > Bluetooth > My Devices. Wait till the iPad detects your device > check if it's connected to your iPad.

Then run Outline and start writing or typing.



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