Outline Settings on iPad

Customize your Outline.

Open Settings Window

To open Settings window, tap gear icon in the bottom-left corner.

    • Go to App Store to rate the app tapping Rate Us.
    • Contact Outline Support through Provide Feedback.
    • Get the information on your Outline for iPad version in About.


    • Show Section Tabs duplicates section titles above the page when notebook tree is revealed.

    • If you don't want to receive Outline's news, just disable Notify Me About Updates.

    • Reading Mode allows you to have Outline active while reading / reviewing documents in Outline.

    • Restore User Guide Notebook if you need to refresh the information about how to work with the app.

Passcode Lock

Set the Passcode Lock to protect the information you keep in Outline.
To open the app with the Passcode Lock set, you need to enter the passcode.


You can also get the sections of your notebook password protected. Just tap this section and choose Set Password.

Choose Unlock Sections Using Touch ID if you prefer to use your fingerprint rather than numeric password. Set the interval for your section to be automatically locked or switch on Lock when leaving section.

    NOTE: Currently it is not possible to set a password on sections in notebooks stored in

    NOTE: There is no chance to open a password protected section if you forget the password.
               Please make sure it won`t be lost, as it is impossible to restore your password.

Editing Settings

     • Show Titles helps to distinguish the pages and sections if you export the whole section or the whole notebook at once.

    • Add Footer can help you to identify the PDFs made in Outline.
    The footer is displayed on the last page of your PDF

Change Synchronization Settings

Log in your cloud accounts and change the sync options.

    • Automatic Synchronization
    Turn it on to keep your notebooks synced automatically. Turn it off to enable synchronization only when you tap sync button.

    • Sync on Wi-Fi only
    Turn it on to prevent your notebooks syncing when you are connected with 3G.
    • Use Locks for WebDAV
    Turn off the file locking if your WebDAV server doesn't support this option.
    NOTE: Turning the locks off you endanger your files.


To read about Outline backups go to Backups on iPad.

External Accessories

Currently Outline supports writing with Adonit Jot Script and Pogo styluses. To make it work for you, please go to External Accessories and tap a corresponding button. Connect a pen.

    NOTE: Apple Pencil gets recognised by Outline automatically.
    There is no special option for Apple Pencil in External Accessories.

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