How to suggest a feature

Miss something in Outline? 

Suggest your feature and it will get a chance to be implemented!

Please describe your suggestion in details: the more details you give - the better we can understand your request.
Feel free to give us examples of the feature that already presents in other apps as well.
In case you can attach screenshots or drawings, feel free to write directly to

What happens next?

In case we have already have the feature in our list, we'll add your voice for it and with your help it will get closer to an actual implementation in Outline. You will receive the details on our existing plans on the functionality you described. 
And you'll be able to check the update progress on our Facebook page and Twitter accounts.

You can also request the email notifications from our support to get all the latest news on our progress with the feature you're waiting for.

If your feature is totally new, we will add it to the list and discuss in our team meeting. 
Next step is feature analysis: we need to calculate and research time and mechanisms of implementation. Be prepared for extra questions: we want to know how you'd like to use the feature you vote for. 
Once we're done with our research we can set the time frames for the feature to be included to the release version.

Take a chance to look through the features that's been already planned.

You also can check other users' requests: your vote can be crucial for the next major update!

Not sure whether the feature is new or has been already added to Outline? - Feel free to write to, we're always happy to help!

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